Sunday, July 26, 2009

50 Ways to love your partner

1. Love yourself first
2. Start each day with hug
3. Serve breakfast in bed
4. Say “I love you” every time you part ways
5. Compliment freely and often
6. Appreciate – and celebrate – your differences
7. Live each day as if it’s your last
8. Write unexpected love letters
9. Plant a seed together and nurture it to maturity
10. Go on a date once every week
11. Send flowers for no reason
12. Accept and love each other’s family and friends
13. Make little signs that say “i love you” and post them all over the house
14. Stop and smell the roses
15. Kiss unexpectedly
16. Seek out beautiful sunset together
17. Apologize sincerely
18. Be forgiving
19. Remember the day you fell in love
20. Hold hands
21. Say “i love you” with your eyes
22. Let her cry in your arms
23. Tell him you understand
24. Drink toasts of love and commitment
25. Do something arousing
26. Let her give you directions when you are lost
27. Laugh at his jokes
28. Appreciate her inner beauty
29. Do the other person’s chores for a day
30. Encourage wonderful dreams
31. Commit a public display of attention
32. Give loving messages with no string attached
33. Start love journal and record your special moments
34. Calm each other’s fears
35. Walk barefoot on the beach together
36. Ask her to marry you again
37. Say yes
38. Respect each other
39. Be your partner’s biggest fan
40. Give the love your partner wants to receive
41. Give the love you want to receive
42. Show interest in the other’s work
43. Work on a project together
44. Build a fort with blankets
45. Swing as high as you can on a swing set by moonlight
46. Have picnic indoors on a rainy day
47. Never go to bed mad
48. Put your partner first in your prayers
49. Kiss each other goodnight
50. Sleep like spoons

By Mark and Chrissy Donnelly
From Chicken soup for the couple’s soul

Saturday, July 11, 2009

2 Faced Baby Born in India

A very special girl was born last March in a small suburb of Delhi, India.

2face girl 2 Faced Baby Born in India picture

She was born with 4 eyes, 2 noses, 2 mouths, 2 ears, and 1 dimple on a shared cheek.

Similar to Lakshmi Tatma, a 2 year-old girl born with four arms and four legs, she is reverred as a reincarnated god by her local villagers, who sing and dance regularly for her.

2faces 2 Faced Baby Born in India picture

“I had never seen something like this in my life so naturally I was a little scared when I first saw her,” her father was quoted as saying.

The young girl and her mother are both healthy and the family has no intentions of seeking surgery to correct the deformities.

“The doctor said everything is normal when she was born. So where’s the need to get medical help?” said the child’s father. “She’s fed through one mouth and sucks her thumb with the other. We use whichever mouth is free to feed her.”

The World’s Smallest Whale Shark

I'd like to share with you one article that i read at

The town of Donsol in the waters off Pilar in the eastern Philippines was the site of a recent remarkable discovery when a local whale shark “interaction officer” representing the international conservation organization, WWF, found the smallest known wild example of the world’s largest fish (15 inches) leashed to a stake in the mud.

The shark was released after photos and measurements were taken.

smallestshark2 The World’s Smallest Whale Shark picture

The fascinating discovery is important to the survival of the species as the birthing grounds of the whale shark remains an enigma to marine science. Such information could serve to protect this already vulnerable species from certain extinction.

“One key to safeguarding the species is finding their birthing grounds, which remain a mystery. This find is very exciting, as it suggests the Donsol area may be such a place,” said marine conservationist, Brad Norman of the National Geographic Society.

whaleshark11 The World’s Smallest Whale Shark picture

Whale sharks are gentle creatures and harmless to humans. They feed mostly on plankton and can grow to be as big as a bus (about 40 feet long).

Oddly, so little is known about them as they travel along the shores of the Philippines annually from December to May, attracting thousands of tourists. The International Union for Conservation of Nature lists whale sharks as a vulnerable species.

whaleshark3 The World’s Smallest Whale Shark picture

The shark’s photos and profile are now a part of Brad Norman’s ECOCEAN Whale-Shark Photo-Identification Library, which means that the creature dubbed P-219 can be the subject of study for as long as it may live, which could be anywhere from 60-100 years.

This species may share the enormity of its size with its more terrifying brethren, but the whale shark poses no danger to humans and is often the example cited when educating the public about the popular misconceptions of all sharks as “man-eaters”. They can be very playful with divers who not only swim freely among them but are also said to be able to scrape parasites and other organisms from their torsos as they lie upside down on the surface!

This species of shark can be found in many places in the world ranging from the waters of Bay island in Honduras to Thailand, the Philippines, South Africa, at the Galapagos Islands, Mexico, Seychelles, West Malaysia, Sri Lanka and in Puerto Rico, just to name a few.

The monumental fact remains that this creature is the smallest living whale shark in recorded history.