Monday, April 30, 2012

wedding bells :)

time flies so fast, every one i know is either married or getting married! this coming May 17 a very dear friend of mine is getting hitch :) it was supposed to be this coming December, unfortunately, some of her co-teachers are talking behind her back, and is making a big issue on her staying on her BF's house sometimes.... im very happy for them, but sometimes, im wondering on when's my turn.... i used to dream of a perfect wedding for myself, i actually have a date already, my motif was either hot pink or rainbows, i had a vision of how my wedding gown would look like :) the song that our wedding singer would sing, once i'll walk down the aile.... in short i have it all planned.... but not all dreams do come true..... the person that i would like to spend that special day and my whole life is no where to be found.... :(

Sunday, April 1, 2012