Wednesday, February 25, 2015

picture after shift :)

T3 Training Feb 2-6, 2015

enchanted day @ enchanted kingdom! :)

spent one whole day @ enchanted kingdom, we arrived at around 9:30 am, it was still close so we have to wait for almost 1 1/2 before we could go inside. once inside, the 1st ride that we took was the space shuttle, it was my 3rd time to ride it but this time i got a little scared, i really don't know why hehehehe. next was Anchor's Away, EKStreme Ride, the ekstreme ride was the scariest for me, because we were lift 150ft above hehehehe i almost passed out :) after that we took a quick lunch then tried the Rialto, the movie was not so exciting unlike the 1st time i tried it, then next was flying fiesta, i thought i will fit in the swing heheheh, last ride i took was the EK Disco Magic, it was another scary ride hehehe... the whole day was so fun and memorable, i wish to do it again :) after our whole day trip to EK we went to Nuvali to have dinner, there i met with one of the PD Staff that i handled before... the whole day was tiring but it was fun!

EK moment :-)

ramdom pictures

post valentine date with friends

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Just Updating :)

nothing to do in this quiet afternoon.... hahahha
just updating my blog!