Friday, November 16, 2012

on my way to solano

1st day @ Solano

Finally im here at Solano, Nueva Vizcaya, this is my 7th PD Store, since i became part of the PD Opening Team. I've been here at Region 2 since last year, Santiago and Cauyan, are much far than Solano, however, i felt sad when i left the house this morning, actually since yesterday, i was kinda sad, i really don't know why i felt that way... anyways, i have bought my bus ticket last monday, but unfortunately, i did not make it on time, so what supposed to be my 6:30 AM trip became 7:30 AM, good thing, it was not that stressfull as i thought it would be, i don't usually ride the regular aircon bus, when i go back and forth here at Region 2, i always ride the super deluxe bus, but  given the circumstances i have no choice... :(

Fare for the regular aircon bus, was only 333php, wow! i was supprise to know it was not too expensive, compared to the 650 bus fare of the super deluxe.

Along the way i took some pictures, mostly it was just fields that are along the NLEX, which i will be uploading later :)

For this trip, since this was a regular aircon bus, it had 3 stop over. 1st stop over was at DAU Pampanga, since i have not eaten my breakfast and it was already 8 in the morning, i was hungry, i wanted to go down the bus and buy some food and water, but the conductor, said that it will be just a few minutes and the bus will leave immediately, luckily there were vendors who went in the bus and are selling different kinds of foods, i bought 1 hotdog on stick, and it cost 40php, gee i should have bought my own food....

2nd stop was at Food Place in Zaragoza, Pampanga, i was happy to see that we are stopping here because i was really really hungry!!! hehehehe

I like the malingsilog here, its a maling (ham) egg, and fried rice, unfortunately since it was past 9 they don't serve breakfast, so instead i ate beefsteak with rice and an orange juice, it cost 85php. It was pretty good, i just did not like the orange juice...

After stopping for a couple of minutes, our bus left, since i slept super duper late the night before, because i went to watch Breaking Down, i slept at the bus, good thing i bought my blanket because it was so cold, i slept all the way upto Nueva Ecija, i kinda woke up on the 3rd stop, it is in San Jose Nueva Ecija, the driver called it the CR break, hehehehe...

When i woke up, it was already 12, i have 2 missed calls and 1 text, i accidentally put my phone into silent mode... hehehehe

We were already in Carangglan, Nueva Ecija, when i was fully awake :) the scenary was amazing,... 

4th and last stop over for me was at Aritao, i usually eat lunch here, but today, i was not really that hungry.. i just took a pee at the restroom and just look around the stuffs that are being sold.

After 1 1/2 hour, i was here at the hotel, 24/7 Inn, i was not happy at first, because from the entrance upto the front desk i have to walk, some of the staffs saw me entering and walking with lots of bag, but none of them helped me :( 

I had a little argument with the front desk, she was insisting that the room reserved to me was Room D, i swear, when i spoke with the other staff over the phone the other day, she reserved Room B. Oh well.....

The room was okay, it was kinda dark, and has no cabinets, oh my! were will i put my clothes??? but i was happy because the cable has Cinema One Channel, it's one of my favorite channel, because i love to watch tagalog movies...hehehehe

I just freshened up, and then left after a couple of minutes. I went to the Globe Store to check and follow-up some emails.... work again!!!!

The store is still under construction, however, according to the store set up people, it will be ready by Tuesday (crossing fingers!)

I stayed at the old globe store, there i met with Sir Tony, it was nice seeing him again. We talked for a while, i asked how was his trip to Russia, he and his entire family went there for a 6 days vacation... lucky kids! :)

Finally, our accreditation was released, now we can proceed on ordering our stocks! yehey!!! hopefully by tomorrow, our dealer portal access will be provided.

I wanted to roam around, and check the stores, however, it was raining the whole afternoon... :(

I left the office around 6:30 PM, bought Jollibee for my dinner, i so so love jollibee chicken joy :)

Yaiks there's no WIFI here in my room, good thing i have my Tattoo Kit :) yehey!!!

Well that's my 1st day here at Solano was, hopefully tomorrow, Mr. Sunshine will come out so i could roam around :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012