Friday, December 9, 2011

i hate her!

i super duper hate her! because of her, you were able to hide a secret from me! you purposely deleted your exchange of message from each other! you thought i would never find out! well your wrong! did found out! and im super pissed! i hate the both of you!

Monday, December 5, 2011

20 days before christmas :-)

haist time flies so fast, it's 20 days before christmas! super excited, because after 2 years, i will be spending christmas again at home and not at work! :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

blogging thru my phone

trying to blog using my iphone! ΓΌ

Sunday, November 6, 2011


hay grabe super stressed na talaga ako dito sa 3rd PD store ko.... sa lahat ng aspect kaka-stress! laging disbalanse ang custodian, balanse sa umaga, disbalanse na sa gabi! kaloka! tapos sasabayan pa ni OM na ubod ng tagal mag-verify, approve at mag-activate, OMG lagpas na sa SLA time! kalerky sila!!!! i need a break!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hotel Amancio

i am super dissappointed on the hotel that i am staying, super malayo sa nasa internet! nakaka-peke! :(

before flying in here in Santiago, Isabela i was informed that somebody will pick me up from the airport, kasi i will be landing in Cauayan, 2 towns (i think) away from Santiago.... but unfortunately...... WALA!!!!! pero okay lang kasi madali lang naman ang sasakyan, me mga bus naman na pa-Manila :)

Upon arriving in the Hotel, the room that i was about to occupy, is not yet cleaned, according to the front desk, the room is not yet cleaned, because somebody occupied the room..... hayyyy!!! what's the use of making a reservation if your going to have some one use the room......

i asked for the rules and regualtions, sabi nung frontdesk, the only take-out i could bring is Mcdonalds, kasi affliated sila sa Mcdo... whhhhatttt!!! baka maumay naman ako! i asked if i could eat in my room, pwede naman raw except yung meal for breakfast... okay! sabi ko. sabi rin nila, pwede rin akong mag-grocery.....

they gave me a room in the 6th floor, okay naman yung room, yun nga lang hindi lumalamig yung aircon..... :( and the cable connection is busted!.... hayyyyyy ulit! when i checked the table, it was still dusty!......

i called the frontdesk, and she said that they could transfer me in the 4th floor, but when i checked the room, there was water in the lobby, sira daw yung pipes!!!! ngek!!! baka bumaha!

so for the 2nd time, they transfered me in a different room, maliit yung room and like the 1st room, ang hina ng aircon..... iniwan kong naka-open yung aircon, expecting na lalamig siya by the time i got back from the office..... before i left i reported that, mainggay yung aircon, and have it checked by the maintenance.

so after office, i went to the supermarket and bought some foods and drinks, when i got to the hotel, i asked the front desk if na-ayos ba yung aircon nung room, pero as usual hindi pala, then all of a sudden, yung isang babae sa reception, nagsabi na bawal ang drinks since meron raw laman yung ref and they have a shop, bawal rin daw maglaba, kahit ng undies!!! haler!!! and i should not have bought a towel dahil meron raw towel sa room, so i said, i was not informed earlier na hindi pwedeng magdala ng drinks, hindi pwede maglaba and that merong towel sa room, bibili ba ako ng towel, if i know na meron towel sa room???? haayyyyy

so dahil, hindi naayos yung aircon, sobrang ingay niya and ang hirap matulog!!!!!! the following day, i did not avail the free breakfast, dahil till 9am lang yung breakfast nila......

i reported to the frontdesk what happened to me nung gabi,.... and according to her, pwede naman raw! ano ba yan! pa-iba-iba sila, they are not consistent!!! eto pa, even the price in the menu is different. yung food na order ko, 135 sa menu aba ang sinigil sa akin is 150, and when i asked how come 150 eh nag-update kasi raw ng price! tsk!!! ano ba yan, eh bakit hindi pa nila palitan yung prices, hayyyyyyy

nung gabi na, yung GCASH Trainors namin, was supposed to stay also here, but they also experienced the same problem, so the PD Owner, Sir Tony checked them in a different hotel, Villa Diana, which is about 10kilometers from here.... hayyyy kamusta naman ang layo!

so for the 3rd time, they transfered me to a different room, maayos naman na itong nalipatan ko, but im still hoping to be transferred to Villa Diana, kahit sagot ko na yung transportation ko.... hahahahaha... super ganda kasi nung place......

so far this is my 4th day, and so far, wala pa namang di kanais-nais na pangyayari! hahahahaha

if i have i choice, i will not stay here.... :(

Monday, October 3, 2011


its the month of october, and just a few more weeks it's gonna be december, my favorite time of the year! :-)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cool Text: Logo and Graphics Generator

Monday, September 26, 2011

emo lang

ewan ko ba bakit ganito ang aking feelings, alam ko dapat hindi ako magtampo, dahil mababaw na issue, and that mga kaibigan ko sila pero minsan hindi ko maiwasang hindi magtampo.....
siguro nag-seself pity lang ako, hehehehehe.... hay ewan..... minsan naiisip ko kung kaibigan ba talaga ang turing nila sa akin, me problema ba sa akin? i feel so alone and not accepted..... si jasper na inaasahan kong nanjan for me pag kailangan ko ng karamay.... wala..... buti na lang at naging part ako ng PD Team, at least nakakapunta ako sa malayo..... hayyyy di ko maintindihan bat ako nagkakaganito...... happy ako sa panlabas, pro deep inside i feel so sad and alone.

gaya kanina, nakita namin si grasya, di ko maintindihan kung anong problema niya sa akin, bakit plastik sia makitungo sa akin...... tinuring ko pa naman siang true friend pro ganyan siya, di ko makakalimutan yung nangyari dati na nag-swimming kami, aba eh after ng swimming galit na sa akin at binura pa ako sa friendlist nia sa friendster..... hayyyyy ewan ko ba, di ko mainitindihan....... tapos nung nabuntis sia at magpapa-kasal na, bigla naman akong pinansin, sabi pa nia, mag-reader pa raw ako sa kasal nia, tapos on the day of the wedding hindi naman pala ako reader....sana man lang nag-abiso diba......

minsan kung sino yung akala mong banal, mabait, mature, responsable sia pala yung bulok ang loob at hindi nagpapakatotoo!!!!.... sa iba ang bait-bait, pero me tinatago rin namang kaplastican! such a hypocrite!

siguro me purpose si Lord bakit ko nakilala yung mga taga victory church.... feeling ko mas magiging totoo sila sa akin.......

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

extended here

just this afternoon, i received a suprising news from our regional head, he informed us that since my next PD Assignement will be open on Oct 13, i will stay first here in Batangas,..... hahahahaha

i was caught off guard, since i knew that i will be just staying here till Sept 19....

i already packed my things and brought some of my stuffs at home last week and planning to bring home the rest of my stuffs this weekend.... hahahaha

anyways, i would prefer to stay here than transfer to another PD Store and stay there for 2 weeks or go back to my original store :)

time flies fast and before i knew it is already Oct 7.

Monday, September 12, 2011

a new week

today is another day filled with suprises and excitement! for the first time in so many years, i started my morning with a prayer to God, i prayed for God to give me guidance and grace the whole week, i prayed for my family and friends :-)

i don't know if this is because yesterday i attended my very 1st victory service. hehehe

hopefully, this will be everyday, and every night :-)

Saturday, September 10, 2011


i super love to tweet! and one of my favorite trending topic is #sentisabado, because it reminds me of my childhood memories, #sentisabado talks about past experiences, from fave food, to clothes, fave past time, tv shows, fave game to play etc...... anything under the sun :-)

#sentisabado puts a smile on my face everytime, i can read a tweet from someone, it makes me want to say, "haayyyy! me too, i did that" " i have one of those".... etc....

#sentisabado brings back the child in me :) it makes me want to go back again to being a kid, where life is much simplier, where you don't worry too much, you're just thinking of your baon, assignments, projects, crushes, playmates... etc....

hayyyyy i wish everyday is #sentisabado day..... hehehehe


just got home after almost 2 weeks of stay in batangas due to work, i thought i will not be able to go home, since i ran out of money.... hehehehe :)

God really is good, because he did not let it happen, i was able to ride immediately a jeep, Jasper picked me up at Chowking and my mother cooked tuna for my dinner! ......

hayyyy even though i had a very long day and i was so tired from the travel, it took me more than 30 minutes to ride the bus, but still there are so many reasons for me to be thankful :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

from my phone :-)

makakauwi din

yipey! today is sept 9, at last i will be able to go home, after 2 weeks of staying here in Batangas, hopefully i could go home early para meron pa akong masakyang bus na maganda :) hehehehe

photo strips

some of my mobile uploads :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

3rd PD Store

this morning i received a call from sir.mario, he called to inform me about my next PD Store assignment, and i was quite surprised to find out that my next store location was at Santiago, Isabela, i was hoping it was in Laog... hehehe, so i could go to Pagudpod :)

for the next PD Store, i will be alone, alone meaning i have no other PD Opening Team with me, except 2 other Globe employee.

I'm excited at the same time scared because i think they are expecting a lot from me, especially because this is my 3rd PD Store, but I'm still excited because at last, BB and i will be separated, i really wanted to be separated from him, because i felt that in terms of work, he is lax and does not have the initiative, although i myself is guilty also, but i felt that i was the one who is doing already his work.

my impression on him really changed, i thought that he was a responsible co-worker, but i was wrong, he is immature for his age, does not know how to separate his personal feelings with his work, does not the policy and procedure in the operations.... etc....

i could rant all day my annoyance on him, but i cannot do anything about it anymore because it has been done already.

hopefully in my 3rd PD store, i would not have the same problem and stress.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

new RM

this afternoon, i got an email from one of the manager in our office, and i was suprise to see on her signature the name of our store, well it's confirmed, she is our new RM. i immediately called my former RM and yes she said that she was transfered already to a different store....

i felt like crying while i was talking to her, but i controlled my emotions. instead, i recalled all the funny experiences i had with her, i told her that im sad because we were not able to say goodbye with each other because right now im assigned in a special project, happy because she deserve to be there, she is very hard working and good in her job and jealous, because of the office hours, she will not be arguing anymore with the mall guards, because now she is in the head office. our conversation lasted for about 30 minutes, when we ended up talking, i sent her an email, thanking her for all the help, knowledge and opportunities that she gave me.

hayyy i will surely miss Ma'am Mavic :(

ANGEL din ang title

while browsing the internet, i came across this blog, and naiinis ako everytime nababasa ko yung blog post na iyon!. it's about my boyfriend and his best friend! o sia sige na super best friends na kayo! pero haler naman sana wag mo na siang tawaging ANGEL! i know that post is way back 2009 if im not mistaken but im still iritated everytime i see that!.

hayyy i dont know what im gonna do, im being unfair to her because she has not done me any wrong, its just that i dont like her. although she is not a threat kasi alam ko namang friendship lang talaga ang relationship nila and nasa ibang direction ang life nia, naiinis pa rin ako, cge i'l admit nagseselos ako kahit wala naman dapat. sana never ng mag-cross ang path natin, hayyy naku kung pwede lang kitang burahin sa FB nia, buburahin talaga kita para lang walang way of communication sa kanya.

i hope di na kita ulit makita sa internet!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

not looking forward to aug 31.... :(

today is august 30, a day before august 31, i am not so looking forward for this day to come, for the reason that i will have no salary pay-out!..... i will receive my salary on Sept 15 together with my next pay. I can't blame anyone except for myself because it is my fault, i forgot to submit my time sheet, but i can't help to feel bad and disappointed towards my IS because she is the one approving our time sheet, i know she is very busy and harassed due to the high volume of people that they are attending to in Podium, but she used to remind us before about our time sheet esp if we have not yet submitted it to her for approval. but for this time sheet submission, i did not receive a text message from her informing me that i have not yet submitted, so all this time i thought that i have submitted already, and because i have also received an email notification that my overtime request was approved. so you could just imagine how shock i was when i received an email from HR telling me that i will not received any salary, even my basic salary...... :(

i am scared because i don't know how i will survive on the next 15 days,..... my mother and grandmother will go ballistic, when they find out about this, especially my grandmother, she will get angry when she finds out that i will not be able to give her my share in the family.....

i kept telling my friends that it's okay, i will be fine, but deep inside, i don't know what i will do!....

Thursday, August 25, 2011

nice to be back!

it's nice to be back to blog world again! after a long time of not being active in blogging, here i am again thinking of what to say and write in my blog! :)

the past 2 years has been a struggle for me in my career and personal life.

gosh! im speechless right now, i don't know what to write.... im having a hard time to write here in my blog.... hehehehe

Wednesday, August 24, 2011