Friday, January 9, 2009

A question: love is what?

People say it's so easy to love, in my point of view, I believe that it is not really that easy. but then again, loving someone could be very complex, loving someone is just like loving the world or even the universe, because when you've finally decide to love the world, you not just love the world itself but the different nations, countries, cultures, people, practices, and recognitions, etc . It possesses in it's every corner.

Loving someone is accepting him as a person before you met him, right after, and all the alterations he would create in the future. Loving someone is also loving the people that surround him, all the places and things that are most valuable to him. Loving is accepting one's past, present, and future without having to know all the changes that have occurred.

Loving is bearing the pain, especially the pain that comes from the things/people/places your loved one values.

Loving is never a one-time-thing. Sometimes when you think that you’re inlove, the morning after that thought, the feeling goes away, and then it hurts because of expectations, for you've expected that the one you love is your "forever" love, and then after that, you'll get scared to love again, to try again and fall again.

It's true that when you fall in love, you don’t protect yourself from falling, you spread your arms just like you're a bird and then you close your eyes and that's when the magic begins, that's when the risk takes in place. Falling in love is like gambling, you came and sat with your pocket filled with money and comes back with either nothing or everything.

and that’s the greatest epiphany of all, having to know if you are already being loved in return.

As for me, as for all the experiences I’ve been through I could say how much I've been wounded before with all the falling and hurting, with all the trials and errors I did experience in the past.

Now, it's my first time to fall w/o having to care if I’ll break a leg, die or something. I didn’t even think of what have happened to me in my past, nor did I get traumatized with all the heartaches because I believe that when you gamble in love, regardless of how much you've lost on all of your previous games, you still have to carry courage and hope in your heart and believe that love would make you win. and that is the sweetest reward of all.

After all, I’m still not saying that loving is easy, in fact it would never be. I know that loving will always be risky, hurtful, scary and difficult.

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