Sunday, March 29, 2009


it's been while since my last entry here at my blog, i was kinda busy at work, that's why i had no time to update my blog.

anyways, today was a busy day for me, not in work though, in my extra curricular activities..... hehehehe.

i woke up at 6AM because i am the Lector at the 7:30AM mass, then after the mass, i slept for about an hour and fixed myself because we have another activity, today was the Acies.

if you are a legionary or a member of the legion of mary, you know what Acies mean, but for those who do not know it, Acies is the annual gathering of the legionaries and then they will renew their vows to our blessed mother mary.

in my 7 years as a member of legion of mary this is just my 2nd time to attend in Acies. =) and im glad that i was able to attend and renew my vows.

i went to our parish at around 11:30AM to meet with jasper, because we agreed to meet at the church then go to the venue, we left around quarter to 12, when we got to St.Peter the Fisherman Parish, the activity just started, it began with a prayer followed with a rosary then a short procession, after that there was a short inspirational talk from one of the invited priest, then all the legionaries lined in two's to make their pledge/vow infront of the alter. the last part was the holy mass.

it was a very hot afternoon, a little kid even fainted during the mass, good thing some of the legionaries that was there were in the medical profession =).

after the mass, fr.rey the parish priest invited all of us for a snack that his parishioners prepared. then after our snack we went directly to pateros for our senior meeting. =)

it was a long day today, but still it is a good and memorable day!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Difference Between Pleasure and Happiness

A thick wad of P1000 bills gives pleasure.

A chocolate parfait with thick chocolate syrup gives pleasure.

A fun movie, with a bucket of popcorn on the side, gives pleasure.

A roller coaster ride gives pleasure.

A kiss gives pleasure.

What’s the difference between pleasure and happiness?

Pleasure is an outside job.

But happiness is an inside job.

It doesn’t depend on any external circumstances. Yep, even if you only have three strands of hair on your head.

Happiness isn’t the absence of problems.

By the way, do you want me to show you a few people who don’t have problems? Great. Bring your shovel out and let’s dig them up from their graves.

The Bible doesn’t say, “Be joyful sometimes.” Or “Be joyful when you don’t have problems.” The Bible says, “Be joyful always.”

It that possible? I mean, c’mon. No one can be happy 365 days a year.

But the Bible says, “Be joyful always” because happiness isn’t a mood.

Happiness isn’t an emotion either.

Happiness is a way of life.

'Nicole' faces perjury raps

MANILA, Philippines - Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez believes that “Nicole” and her lawyers could be charged with false testimony and perjury after she backtracked on her complaint that she was raped by US Marine Lance Corporal Daniel Smith.

Speaking to reporters yesterday, Gonzalez said it appeared that “we have been taken for a ride” in the Subic rape case.

“So many problems have been created by this. Foreign policy has been affected,” he said. “So much time has been spent. It has split public opinion and caused a lot of emotional upsurge. So whatever she did has created a lot of problems for us.”

Gonzalez said Nicole’s recantation will have “no bearing” on Smith’s appeal before the Court of Appeals since it is not part of the records of the trial.

“Unless you can convince the court to open the trial to admit the affidavit, this will not pass as newly discovered evidence,” he said.

“Under the Rules of Court, there is such a thing as the court taking judicial knowledge or judicial cognizance of events that take place,” he added.

Gonzalez said the CA justices are aware that Nicole had backtracked on her court testimony through the newspapers.

“That is only where this thing could play some role,” he said. “It is up to the court if the justices subconsciously take cognizance of the affidavit. But technically, it should not be given weight.”

Gonzalez said it is remote that the CA would allow a retrial of the case since Nicole is no longer in the country.

Nicole should not ask the court to reopen the case, he added.

He could not recall any case where recantation of the complainant or witness had been given weight after conviction of the accused, Gonzalez said.

‘It was a family decision’

The mother of Nicole said yesterday her daughter’s recantation was a family decision.

“(President Arroyo) has nothing to do with this,” she told “It was a family decision.”

It was unlikely that they would consult the government because “the government has never helped us,” she added.

Nicole’s mother said her daughter wants to move on as she wants to get married abroad.

In a separate interview with GMA 7, Nicole’s mother denied any alleged “US pressure” on her daughter to recant her testimony of the rape.

Speaking in Filipino, she said her family had decided to put an end to the “sad story” of her daughter.

“My family has grown tired of this (rape) case for the past three years,” she said. “So we thought that that’s enough.”

Smith’s lawyer admits firm notarized Nicole’s affidavit

Jose Justiniano, Smith’s counsel, told The STAR a lawyer from his firm – Sycip Salazar Hernandez and Gatmaitan – notarized Nicole’s affidavit but did not act as her legal counsel.

“Choice of client yan, it’s a wrong concept to say that we acted as counsel for Nicole,” he said.

Justiniano said the lawyer from his firm “simply notarized” the sworn statement of Nicole.

“If you go to a notary public to have a document notarized, does it mean lawyer mo na ‘yun?” he asked.

If Evalyn Ursua wants to know about things, she should ask Nicole’s mother who handed her the letter terminating her services, Justiniano said.

Ursua, Nicole’s former lawyer, plans to charge Smith’s counsels with unethical law practice for allegedly making Nicole execute an affidavit without her knowledge.

Ursua questioned why Nicole’s sworn statement was executed in the office of Sycip Salazar Hernandez and Gatmaitan.

The lawyer who notarized Nicole’s affidavit recanting her testimony during the Subic rape trial is a an associate of the law firm defending Smith, she added.

Ursua said she will ask the Supreme Court to investigate the supposed “unethical practice” of Sycip Salazar Hernandez and Gatmaitan.

Nicole’s affidavit of March 12, 2009 was a “secret” document that was made behind her back “under suspicious circumstances,” she added.

Ursua said it was a “secret affidavit” that did not bind her as Nicole’s counsel of record.

“How can I stop acting as counsel if I have not been terminated yet, when I did not know (about it),” she said.

Ursua said the validity, voluntariness, and genuineness of the affidavit is questionable since Nicole cannot verify it.

Nicole’s mother told her that there was no affidavit when she handed her a letter on March 16, 2009 informing her that her services were being terminated, Ursua added.

Ursua said the contents of the sworn statement did not come from Nicole.

Yung language na ‘yun sa level of articulation ni Nicole, hindi kanya yan (Nicole is not capable of that language and level of articulation),” she said.

“I know Nicole, I know how she talks, I know how she writes, that’s not Nicole. That affidavit is not evidence, not part of the evidence.”

Smith’s transfer on hold

The government will not ask for Smith’s transfer to Philippine custody while awaiting the courts’ evaluation and decision on the issue, the Department of Foreign Affairs said yesterday.

DFA spokesperson J. Eduardo Malaya said Smith will remain at the US embassy while they consult the agencies concerned before it complies with the Supreme Court order to move him to a Philippine facility.

“The issues pertaining to the conviction of Lance Corporal Smith and the custody arrangements over him are pending with the courts,” he said.

“We look to the courts for their evaluation and decision on these matters in the light of relevant factors.”

The DFA said the SC also referred to the matter of appropriate custody or detention arrangements under the Visiting Forces Agreement.

“The confinement or detention by Philippine authorities of United States personnel shall be carried out in facilities agreed on by appropriate Philippine and United States authorities,” the DFA said, quoting the treaty.

“United States personnel serving sentences in the Philippines shall have the right to visits and material assistance.”

The DFA said the Office of the Solicitor General, the Department of Justice and the Department of the Interior and Local Government will be consulted on steps to be taken.

In the meantime, pursuant to the orders of the Supreme Court, “the status quo will be maintained,” the DFA added.

‘Case to prosper without Nicole’

The rape case against Smith can prosper despite the recantation of Nicole, according to a lawmaker.

Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman said Nicole’s recantation and her departure for the United States have left more questions than answers.

“However, the legal situation remains that the rape case against Smith, which is a public crime, can prosper notwithstanding the belated affidavit of recantation from the victim,” he said.

Lagman said Nicole’s affidavit contains “facts consistent with her being raped by Smith.”

These include her admission that she was “virtually unconscious” when Smith had sex with her and that she was “too intoxicated” to repel his advances, and that she is in doubt as to what had transpired, he added.

Lagman said Smith’s payment of P100,000 in damages to Nicole “is a badge of guilt.”

“Why should an accused appealing his conviction pay damages if he is not liable for the crime he has been convicted of?” he asked.

Lagman said there might have been “a conspiracy” to “mock and derail” the Philippine judicial system, secure freedom for Smith, and preserve the Visiting Forces Agreement.

“If she was issued an immigrant’s visa so she can stay in the US for good, what entitles her to an immigrant’s visa?” he asked.

“Did this happen during the pendency of Smith’s appeal with the Court of Appeals?”

Lagman wants to know if Nicole had accepted money other than the P100,000 in damages she claims she received from Smith.

“P100,000 is the equivalent of $2,000,” he said.

“How can she stay in the US for good with $2,000? Who bought her ticket and from what airline? Who was her traveling companion?”

Senators dismayed

Senators expressed dismay yesterday over Nicole’s decision to recant her testimony in court.

Sen. Francis Escudero said Nicole’s recantation should not be used as leverage by the United States to negate efforts to abrogate the VFA.

“Nicole may have recanted but this doesn’t mean that Mr. Smith now goes to Washington,” he said.

“And the US government should be advised not to use Nicole’s latest true confession to plan his exit out of the country.”

Escudero said Nicole’s affidavit is not a “boarding pass to freedom” as legal procedures would have to be followed.

“I cannot blame Nicole for deciding to settle out of court,” he said.

“But her affidavit will just be treated as a mere scrap of paper unless she affirms it in open court.”

Senators Rodolfo Biazon, Joker Arroyo, Loren Legarda and Pia Cayetano agree that Nicole’s action would have a great impact in the renegotiation of the VFA.

Biazon said Nicole’s recantation has raised moral, legal and judicial questions.

“(These questions include) who is the victim, Nicole or Smith?” he asked.

“Smith had lost his career if not a big part of his life. Nicole even raised the question of deficiencies of our justice system. Justice for whom? For Nicole? For Smith? For the Filipino people? Or justice for the Filipina Maria Clara?”

Biazon said the SC’s decision on the jurisdiction issue should be respected by the US government

“The SC has ruled that the American should be immediately turned over to Philippine authorities for imprisonment after he was convicted of the crime of rape by a Philippine court,” he said.

Legarda expressed dismay over Nicole’s sudden decision to discontinue her search for justice.

“America’s act of buying Nicole’s silence is a precedent,” she said.

“They are bound to do this every time. While America keeps its processes intact and its soldiers protected, our morality as a nation is trampled upon, our justice system spat on.”

Cayetano said the issue has gone beyond Nicole.

“Long before Nicole decided to back out, her government already sold her case,” she said.

“(Nicole’s decision) is the biggest letdown because Nicole’s case involves not only the pursuit of justice by a woman whose rights have been violated, but also of an entire people’s assertion of sovereignty before the world’s super power, the United States.”

Nicole, GMA and Obama

Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay found it “uncanny” that Nicole recanted her allegations of rape against Smith a few days after US President Barack Obama called up President Arroyo and assured her of US support for the Visiting Forces Agreement.

“Under the Arroyo administration, nothing happens by accident, especially on such a sensitive and high profile issue as the VFA,” he said.

Binay, United Opposition president, said MalacaƱang has a lot of explaining to do as Obama’s call came after the Supreme Court ruled that Smith should be detained in a Philippine jail, not the US Embassy.

“Where was the Arroyo government when all these were happening,” he said.

“Was it aware of these developments and its implications? If it were, then it needs to explain a lot of things. If it wasn’t, then the administration abetted an injustice through its negligence.”

Binay said the US embassy should have issued a categorical statement that Nicole had been allowed into the United States.

“Questions will remain whether she (Nicole) was allowed to enter the US on humanitarian grounds, or as part of a settlement that includes her recantation,” he said.

Binay, a former trial lawyer, said that there was presumption of guilt on the side of Lance Corporal Smith when he offered Nicole P100,000 as settlement.

“In criminal cases, if the accused offers a settlement, there is a presumption of guilt, for why would an innocent person offer a settlement?” he said.

Binay agrees with Makati Judge Benjamin Pozon, who convicted Smith of rape, that “Nicole’s” recantation would not necessarily lead to his acquittal.

“Only the trial court can appreciate the demeanor of the complainant, and in the case of Nicole, she showed the demeanor of a victim during the trial,” he said.

On the other hand, the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan said Nicole’s recantation was an offshoot of Obama’s call to GMA.

Renato Reyes Jr., Bayan secretary-general, said Nicole has become a “sacrificial lamb” to preserve US interests in the country.

“Her recantation should be seen in the context of the US and Arroyo government’s efforts to preserve the VFA at all cost, even if this means acquitting Smith and totally discrediting the victim Nicole,” he said.

“It may have been a combination of pressure and hopelessness that made Nicole recant her earlier statement that she was raped.”

Reyes said the Arroyo administration, in partnership with the US, was working for the acquittal of Smith.

“The two governments believe that declaring Smith innocent will make the custody issue moot and will weaken the case against the VFA,” he said.

Reyes said the issue of Smith’s custody has been a take-off point for efforts to question the validity of the VFA.

“Despite a Philippine Supreme Court ruling ordering the Philippine government to negotiate the transfer of Smith to Philippine authorities, both the US and Philippine government have chosen to uphold the status quo,” he said.

“The protracted nature of the legal process, along with a subservient regime, discourages victims from pursuing their cases. We have only the US and Arroyo governments, and the VFA to blame for what has happened to Nicole.” — With Michael Punongbayan, Jess Diaz, Mike Frialde, Perseus Echeminada, Pia Lee-Brago, Evelyn Macairan, Christina Mendez - By Edu Punay (Philstar News Service,

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gretchen spends 'secret' holiday in Bohol

Away from the maddening crowd.

That must be how Gretchen Barretto wants to have a belated birthday (March 6, actually) celebration this year. D-day itself was a working day for Gretchen who did a pictorial for her second album, Complicated (the first was titled Unexpected).

Guess where Gretchen and her, ehem, “special someone” (whose first name is not Tonyboy) hied off for a reported post-birthday celebration — yes, Tagbilaran City, Bohol, where she arrived last Wednesday with Pops Fernandez and Bebe Gandanghari on the same Cebu Pacific flight with Cesar Montano and wife Sunshine Cruz who own a resthouse in Baclayon town where Cesar comes from. Gretchen’s “special someone” arrived later. Together, the entourage went to Cebu City yesterday and are expected back in Tagbilaran maybe today.

“They plan to say hello to the tarsier, take the Loboc River night cruise and visit the Chocolate Hills, probably with Cesar and Sunshine as guide,” said Funfare’s Bohol DPA.

Gretchen is keeping a low profile these days.

“But she, and, company, didn’t escape the attention of the fans,” added the DPA. “Sa Tagbilaran airport pa lang, they were already mobbed. Same thing anywhere they are.”

In Bohol, the entourage reportedly stayed at an elite beach resort (the province’s answer to Palawan’s exclusive Amanpulo) which charges $3,900 per night. Yes, in dollars!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Load Tipid Plans

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Globe Introduces Globe Broadband Tattoo

Globe lives up to its promise of providing relevant and easy-to-use services by introducing Globe Broadband Tattoo, a revamped mobile Internet service available in prepaid and postpaid variants, that allows subscribers to stay connected while on-the-go, without breaking the bank.

Globe Broadband Tattoo, formerly known as Globe Visibility, uses a USB stick that works as a modem. Users simply plug the stick into their PCs or laptops to surf the Web anytime, anywhere. 3G and High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) technology enables high-speed connectivity and fast downloads. With Globe Broadband Tattoo, users can experience speeds of up to 2 Mbps. That makes activities like social networking, chatting, blogging, emailing and even streaming music and movies much more enjoyable yet still affordable.

Globe redesigned Globe Broadband Tattoo not just as a connectivity tool for its users, but a lifestyle tool as well. Users can now choose from a range of three hip and trendy Globe Broadband Tattoo USB designs, featuring artwork in black, orange, or blue. Depending on the user’s personal style, they can choose the skin that reflects their personalities and lifestyles the most.

The Globe Broadband Tattoo Prepaid Kit comes with a free P100 load that is equivalent to five hours of free Internet time. On top of that, users pay only P5 per fifteen minutes on the Internet.

And once users have consumed their free load, reloading the Globe Broadband Tattoo Prepaid SIM is easy because it can be loaded like a regular prepaid SIM, whether through Share-A-Load, Globe Load or prepaid call cards

Users may also opt for a postpaid plan for Globe Broadband Tattoo; there is a range of plans for as low as P 799/month with 60 free mobile internet hours each month.

Aside from using Globe Broadband Tattoo as a mobile Internet modem, the SIM card inside the USB can also be used for calls and sending text messages at regular cellphone rates. The USB also comes with a built-in expansion slot where users can insert their own Micro SD card for additional file storage.

With a funkier look and free Internet time, the new Globe Broadband Tattoo Prepaid Kit is a steal for only P1895.

The new Globe Broadband Tattoo is available nationwide. For more information, please call (02) 730 1000.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Better in Time

It's been the longest winter without you
I didn't know where to turn to
See somehow I can't forget you
After all that we've been through

Going coming thought I heard a knock
Who's there no one
Thinking that I deserve it
Now I realize that I really didn't know
If you didn't notice you mean everything
Quickly I'm learning to love again
All I know is I'mma be ok

Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too
It'll all get better in time
Even though I really love you
I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to
It'll all get better in time

I couldn't turn on the TV
Without something there to remind me
Was it all that easy
To just put aside your feelings

If I'm dreaming don't wanna laugh
Hurt my feelings but that's the path
I'll believe in
And I know time will heal it
If you didn't notice boy you mean everything
Quickly I'm learning to love again
All I know is I'mma be ok

Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too
It'll all get better in time
Even though I really love you
I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to
It'll all get better in time

Since there's no more you and me
It's time I let you go
So I can be free
And live my life how it should be
No matter how hard it is I'll be fine without you
Yes I will

Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too
It'll all get better in time
Even though I really love you
I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to (yes I do)
It'll all get better in time

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Barbie unrolls pink carpet for 50th birthday

NEW YORK (AFP) - - Barbie unrolled the pink carpet Monday to celebrate her 50th birthday at a life-sized version of her Malibu Dream House.

"Barbie's birthday is a celebration of 50 legendary years as a fashion icon, pop culture princess and inspiration to so many girls around the world," said Richard Dickson, general manager at Mattel's.

Celebrities were expected to pack the California beachside pad to join Barbie, the best selling doll in history and embodiment of the Californian dream of eternal youth.

The 29-centimeter (11.4-inch) beauty made her debut back at the 1959 New York Toy Fair, selling for three dollars, with outfits at between one and five dollars.

Since then she has been outfitted for 108 careers as diverse as astronaut and White House candidate, modelled for more than 70 real life couturiers, and broken up with her plastic boyfriend of 43 years, Ken.

She heads into her second half century without a wrinkle or grey hair.

A new Bathing Suit Barbie released to mark her birthday recalls the original doll with a black and white swimsuit. Her face, though, bears the hallmarks of 21st century fashion demands, described by Mattel as "a thinner jaw line, more almond-shaped eyes, fuller lips."

If anyone is feeling Barbie's age, it's the executives at Mattel.

Sales plunged 21 percent in the last quarter of 2008 and Barbie is still not completely free of her nemesis of the last seven years, a group of big-eyed, wild-haired rivals called Bratz.

Mattel last year successfully sued to prevent MGA Entertainment from making or selling Bratz, after a court ruled that its creator had conceived of the idea while he was still employed by Mattel.

However, the court granted a reprieve for Bratz so that the dolls can remain on sale through this year.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rapper-actor Francis Magalona succumbs to cancer

Multi-awarded Filipino rap icon Francis Magalona has passed away at the Medical City in Mandaluyong around noon today. He was 44.

According to TV reports, this was announced by actor Vic Sotto in the noontime variety show Eat Bulaga, where Magalona used to be one of the hosts.

Magalona, considered as a major pillar of rap music in the country, was diagnosed with leukemia in August 2008. He is survived by his wife Pia Arroyo and children Unna, Nicolo, Francis Jr., Elmo, Arkin, Clara, and actresses Maxene and Saab. - By Dino Maragay (Philstar News Service,

Friday, March 6, 2009

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10 Aquino-Galman convicts released

MANILA, Philippines - All 10 former soldiers still behind bars for the 1983 murders of former Sen. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. and his alleged assassin Rolando Galman were released yesterday from the New Bilibid Prisons (NBP) in Muntinlupa City after their life term was commuted by President Arroyo.

ustice Secretary Raul Gonzalez issued the release order for the convicts, all formerly with the now defunct Aviation Security Command (Avsecom).

They were identified as ex-Capt. Romeo Bautista; former 2/Lt. Jesus Castro; former Sergeants Ruben Aquino, Arnulfo de Mesa, Rodolfo Desolong, Arnulfo Artates, Claro Lat, Ernesto Mateo and Filomendo Miranda and former Constable 1st Class Rogelio Moreno.

In his memorandum to Bureau of Corrections Director Oscar Calderon, Gonzalez said the President had approved his recommendation favoring the appeal for executive clemency of the convicted soldiers.

“I hope their release would finally bring closure to the Aquino-Galman case. Besides, what can they do, they are very sick. I think the only issue left is who was the mastermind,” Gonzalez told reporters.

Gonzalez, however, believes that the pardon granted to the convicted soldiers would not mean their vindication. “I don’t think it can clear their names. They were already convicted and they haven’t said anything that they had not said already.”

He said Mrs. Arroyo issued last March 2 an order commuting the sentence of the 10 remaining detained soldiers whose prison records have also been adjusted for “good conduct time allowances and colonial status they have earned in accordance with the laws and NBP rules and regulations.”

Gonzalez explained that the former soldiers were already qualified for parole after serving over 25 years in prison and having shown good conduct while serving their sentence.

He said he recommended the release of the soldiers upon endorsement of the Board of Pardons and Parole (BPP).

The convicts have been detained for the past 26 years for the killing of Aquino and Galman at the tarmac of the former Manila International Airport (now the Ninoy Aquino International Airport) on Aug. 21, 1983.

Some 16 soldiers, including former Avsecom commander Brig. Gen. Luther Custodio, were convicted of the Aquino-Galmas double murder and were sentenced to two life terms.

All the convicts maintained that Galman shot Aquino before the soldiers gunned him down.

Custodio died of cancer, while two others died while in detention.

President Arroyo had earlier granted executive clemency to two other former soldiers, Rolando de Guzman and Felizardo Taran Jr.

She also pardoned M/Sgt. Pablo Martines last year, standing by her policy of granting pardon to prisoners who have reached the age of 70.

Gonzalez said aside from their qualification for parole, the convicts were released for humanitarian reasons, considering their poor health.

Based on findings of the Department of Health and doctors at the NBP, the soldiers were suffering from “multiple serious diseases,” like severe hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease, and cerebrovascular disease.

Bishop Efraim Tendero of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches, the biggest evangelical church group in the country, had sent a letter to Mrs. Arroyo seeking the release of the 10 soldiers.

PAO recounts struggle of convicts

Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) chief Persida Rueda-Acosta said the 10 freed convicts were brought to the Evangelista Medical Hospital in San Pedro, Laguna, for medical examination.

Dr. Erwin Erfe of PAO said that after the medical examination, the 10 former soldiers would be taken to the PAO office in Quezon City where they will undergo counseling for three days before they are allowed to go home to their families.

He said the soldiers should be emotionally prepared for life outside prison.

The soldiers each received the P200 allowance that all freed detainees get.

“For five years we worked hard for this. This shows what perseverance can do. The first time the Board of Parole recommended their release was in 1996. After 13 years, it was finally approved,” Acosta told reporters.

The convicted killers had not given up and had asked the Supreme Court to reopen their case and grant them a new trial.

In exclusive reports of The STAR, the PAO had tapped forensic experts, among them a University of the Philippines professor, to investigate the trajectory of the bullet that killed Aquino.

Forensic experts found that the fatal bullet had come from the alleged location of Galman.

Senior Police Officer 4 Ruben Cantimbuhan, the driver of the van that took Aquino’s body to Fort Bonifacio, also swore in an affidavit that he saw Galman shoot the former senator.

Military lawyers prevented Cantimbuhan from testifying during the trial, PAO lawyers said.

During the trial, Constable 1st Class Moreno was identified as the gunman who shot Aquino.

M/Sgt. Martinez said he would identify the mastermind of the murder if the Supreme Court reopens the case and allows a new trial.

The SC rejected on March 7, 2005 the petition of the soldiers to have the case reopened.

Lat, who is now 60 years old, was very happy about their release.

“We have been imprisoned for a long time even though all of us are innocent. I would immediately want to see my family. But there are still so many things to do, so many papers that I need to check and apply for since I want to follow them to New Jersey where they are now based,” he said.

Lat thanked God for his freedom.

“I would also want to thank President Arroyo, PAO chief Atty. Acosta, Dr. Erwin Erfe, also of PAO, and my siblings and friends for making this possible, for the continuing support they’ve given me,” he said.

De Mesa, 49, was also thankful and happy that they were finally released from jail.

Wala kaming kasalanan. Kami lamang ay naging sacrificial lamb. Pero nangyari na ang dapat mangyari. Nagpapasalamat naman kami at ngayon ay laya na kami (We are innocent, we were made the sacrificial lambs. But what has happened, happened. We are thankful that we are now free),” he said.

Moreno, 52, the convicted gunman of Aquino, said that he plans to go home to Pangasinan. “I’m leaving it all up to God. Whatever happens to me outside like if I find a new job, I know God will guide me on what to do.”

He stressed that all of them are innocent of the charges.

Moreno’s wife Alicia said: “Finally, we will be together now. He also has diabetes and his blood pressure is sometimes unstable.”

MalacaƱang defends release

Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita said the President has the constitutional prerogative to grant executive clemency to deserving convicts under Article VII Section 19 of the Constitution.

He pointed out that the Bureau of Correction’s hospital and the Department of Health have issued separate certifications that the ex-convicts were suffering from serious ailments that made the commutation of their sentences more compelling.

“There have been so many organizations making representations, both religious and civic organizations…they feel this group (10 convicts) stayed longer than necessary in prison but of course the President had to wait for the recommendation of the Department of Justice,” Ermita said.

“They feel that these people have suffered enough and this (clemency) was for humanitarian reasons and we should not allude to this any consideration other than the fact that representations have been made on their behalf so the President exercised her prerogative,” he said.

He said: “Let’s not think of any other motive (for Mrs. Arroyo’s decision).” The family of the late former senator Aquino, led by Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, had criticized Mrs. Arroyo’s move last month to free two convicts in the same case.

Ermita said he hopes the clemency would unify the nation as one of the Arroyo administration’s 10-point agenda was “healing the wounds of EDSA (people Power Revolt).”

He said the commutation and parole was based on “computations” of the BuCor on the good behavior of the convicts while in prison.

Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) president Jaro Iloilo Archbishop Angel Lagdameo yesterday said that he was pleased with the reports that the 10 remaining convicts Aquino-Galman double murder case were released after 26 years of incarceration.

Lagdameo told the CBCPNews, the official news service provider of the CBCP, that they welcomed the release of the 10 former soldiers.

Lagdameo said the convicts have long suffered in jail and it is about time they are freed.

Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz said: “Justice no matter how straightforward should not fail its humane dimension otherwise it becomes cruelty. They have suffered enough and they behaved well so God bless them.”

CBCP-Commission on Prison Pastoral Care Executive Secretary Rodolfo Diamante on the other hand, also said that they could end their lobbying for the freedom of the 10 convicts since they were released. - With Rhodina Villanueva, Paolo Romero, Aurea Calica, Evelyn Macairan - By Edu Punay (Philstar News Service,

Thursday, March 5, 2009


hello, its been a while since i last posted on my blog i was quite busy at my new work, well BC life is quite OK, so far so good, i have not encountered an irate subs..... hehehehehehe!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

You Changed my Life

"you changed my life in a moment,
and i'll never be the same again!"

that line, is one of my favorite line in the song, You Changed my Life, this is the theme song of the sequel movie of Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz, their first movie was A Very Special Love.

i was looking forward to seeing this movie because i really like the 1st one, so last friday, me and my Honey watched this movie at Market-Market.

The film picks up where the last movie left off. Migs Montenegro and Laida Magtalas (John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo) are now in a committed relationship, and are deliriously happy. But six months into their relationship, Migs gets promoted and sent to Laguna to manage his family’s industrial laundry business. Migs quickly realizes that he’s bitten off more than he can chew, and soon finds himself having trouble keeping his workforce happy. The long hours and added responsibility keep Migs from spending time with Laida, who begins to feel that she’s not getting enough out of their relationship. As Migs struggles with the pressure, and Laida begins to feel abandoned, the two are finding it difficult to find reasons to stay together.

The first act of this movie is still pretty rough. In a mad rush to remind audiences of everything that was in the first film, the movie rapidly goes through some clunky exposition and does an encore of all the kilig stunts that gave the last movie its identity. But then the film turns a corner, and it begins a process of deconstructing the relationship and really developing the characters. Laida finally reveals her flaws, subtle as they are, and Migs stumbles head-on to making wrongheaded decisions about their business. And suddenly the stunts don’t work, and their love is tested in a fairly realistic manner. And as they’re forced to make more mature decisions, their relationship actually begins to mean something.

The film still leans on some of its old tricks, and some things still come too easy. A subplot about an old friend of Laida’s (Rayver Cruz) largely leads nowhere, and only sets up a bunch of artificial conflicts for the couple. But for the most part, it feels like an active effort was made to earn the movie’s sentiment. Genuine character development takes the place of empty romantic gestures, and that’s the critical difference between this movie and the last. There’s this strange acknowledgement that romantic stunts may not really be a good basis for a strong relationship, and that both these characters needed to grow up and have something more than an empty, cutesy love for them to flourish as a couple and as their own person. I complained last time about how the relationship could never justify what Migs went through with his family. Here, the stronger part of the story, Migs’ familial issues, becomes the catalyst for making the relationship something greater than it was. And the difference in effect is startling.

Technically, the film’s taken a slight step back. It feels a little more rushed than usual, and the overall look of the film suffers for it. Some scenes fare better than others, but inconsistent color grading and gain plague the project. Some scenes could’ve used more coverage, as well. The cast remains largely the same. John Lloyd Cruz has his ups and downs, and when it counts, he delivers. Sarah Geronimo goes a lot larger with the goofiness in this film, which can be distracting, but she makes up for it in the smaller scenes. There’s really an honesty to her performances that’s endearing, and I think it’s about time that we get her into more serious roles. Rayver Cruz works well enough in his role, though he does feel a bit shoehorned in. For my money, the best thing in this cast is Rowell Santiago, who hits exactly the right notes in his softer scenes, providing the film with much of its real emotional punch.

For me, the movie was good and it did everything for me to love this 2nd movie, just as i loved the 1st one.

1st day

Today is my 1st day at Poduim Hub, i was quite nervous and excited on my my way to work, i arrived early as i was told to, our centerhead, Hope said that i should be there at 10AM, but i arrived earlier, when i got there, the Business Center was still close, but there are people inside already, the janitress and the guard was there. When it was 10, one of the staff arrive, she was the Morning Custodian, she was Jona, then the other staffs arrived as well. it was a not so stressful day for me considering it was my 1st day at the center, maybe because our centerhead was on leave, due to pregnancy concern, our 1st sub/customer for the day was Viva Hotbabe, Andrea del Rosario, i was quite shock to learn that she is pretty in person..... hehehehehe, everytime i see her on tv, she really looks like a sexy star.....

we had our lunch past 2pm already, our break was suppose to be 1 hour and 30 minutes, but i extended, i came back 5 minutes befor 4pm.... hehehehehe

i was able to open also my Outlook Email, gosh.... i have 31 unread mails..... hehehehehe

oh well, looking forward to another day tomorrow at the Center.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

GREAT NEWS! Get a Globe Broadband Prepaid Visibility for only Php1,895!

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A: In the enhanced Duration Based-Charging, the subscriber will not be charged for multiple connect-disconnect browsing. For as long as it is within the 15 minutes browsing you will only be charged P5, regardless of how many times you connect and disconnect.

Q: How can I avail of the new mobile browsing charging?

A: Every Globe subscriber who does mobile browsing is now charged with the enhanced duration-based charging.

Please see different scenarios below to understand how you will be charged using the enhanced duration-based charging:

SCENARIO 1: Subscriber browsed starting at 10:00am, then subs disconnected at 10:05am, then connects again at 10:10am, and disconnected at 10:15am, he/she will be charged P5 only as the 2nd connection is still within the first 15- minute block

SCENARIO 2: Subscriber browsed starting at 10:00am, then subs disconnected at 10:05am, then connects again at 10:10am, but this time disconnected at 10:16am, he/she will be charged P10 already as he has already consumed the first 15-minute block and has started another 15-minute block at 10:16am.

SCENARIO 3: Subscriber browsed starting at 10:00am, then subs disconnected at 10:05am, then connects again at 10:16am, and then disconnected at 10:36am. Subscriber will be charged P15 because there were 3 15 minute-blocks that were consumed --1st 15-minute block from 10:00am - 10:15am), 2nd was from 10:16am – 10:30am, and 3rd 15-minute block was from 10:31am – 10:36am

Fans stunned by Rihanna-Chris Brown reconciliation

By Jill Serjeant

LOS ANGELES - Fans of singers Chris Brown and Rihanna expressed dismay on Saturday at reports the couple had reunited just three weeks after Brown was alleged to have assaulted her.

Celebrity magazines People and Us Weekly said that the R&B stars were spending time together at the Miami home of hip hop mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs -- and that Rihanna's father was supporting her decision.

"I love my daughter with whatever road she takes. I'm behind her win or lose. I will be supportive. If that's the road she wants to choose, I'm behind her," Rihanna's dad Ronald Fenty told Us Weekly from his Barbados home.

Fans could scarcely believe the news that came a week after a picture, showing the 21-year-old "Umbrella" singer with bruises to her face and swollen lips, was leaked on the Internet.

"All the abusive men are celebrating," Highroller33138 wrote in a posting on the website. "It sets a terrible example for women everywhere. Rihanna really disappointed me."

"Stupid, really stupid. ... I hate women like this," wrote ladyofthelake in a posting on

On Friday People quoted an unidentified source saying the couple, who had been dating for about a year, were back together.

"They care for each other. While Chris is reflective and saddened about what happened, he is really happy to be with the woman he loves," the source told People.

Representatives of Brown, 19, a clean-cut teen idol whose hits include "Run It!", declined comment on the reports. Rihanna's publicist did not return calls seeking comment.

Los Angeles prosecutors have yet to decide whether to file charges against Brown after his arrest on February 8 on suspicion of making criminal threats against a woman.

The alleged assault on the eve of the Grammy Awards caused both stars to cancel their scheduled appearances. Brown issued a statement a week after the incident saying he was "sorry and saddened" and seeking counseling.