Sunday, October 5, 2008

mag-ingat ka sa kulam

watching the trailer of the movie in commercials i thought this is surely a scary movie parang yung "sukob", but i was quite disappointed,

the story is about a girl named Mira(played by Judy Ann), who came from a family of magkukulam, but she does not want to be liked them so she decided to leave her family, she left her twin sister Maria sa house and all the powers of the mangkukulam na mother ay na-transfer to Maria, until the death of their mother she returned, but it was too late already nabaliw na si Maria, and nagbago na ang itsura, for Maria's welfare, Mira decided na ipasok si Maria sa isang private institution. nagalit si Maria at ginawan ng kulam si Mira......

dun nag-evolve ang movie, Maria, exchange her body with Mira, kaya pala naaksidente yung character na si Mira, which in the end of the movie malalaman na patay na talaga si Mira and ang nandun is si Maria.

watching the movie, para kang nanood ng mga Asian Scary Movies, parang pinagsamang "the grudge, the eye, the ring, shutter" and lahat na nandun sa movie, pero meron namang mga scenes na nakakagulat and makes the people in the movie house scream :)

one scene that scared me was when, after mag-karoon ng eye operation ni Sofie, the daughter of Mira and Paul (played by Sharlene San Pedro) nung tinanggal yung bandage ng eyes nia, nakita nia sa tabi ni Paul yung ghost ni Mira! scary yung thought! hehehehe.

pro still it has a simple story, yung character nga nung 2 artist from GMA, wala lang, para lang silang extra sa movie hehehehe at least si TJ Trinidad mejo okey pa, he played the BF of the character Mira, before she got into the accident.

oh well, there are really some movies that are worth watching in DVD, but i still like Juday Anne!.

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