Wednesday, May 27, 2009

a weekend in the east

Last saturday, we went to Club Manila East, we were there the whole day, eventhough it was just the six of us who went there because some of our other friends did not come along with us, we still had fun and enjoyed! :)

we got there around 8AM, super dami nang people and we have to wait in line for our number to be called, we waited for about 30 minutes, while waiting, super picture lang kami..... hehehehehe

when we were inside already, we ate first dahil super hungry na kami, it was a resort policy that guest are not allowed to bring foods from outside, so we bought jollibee.... hehehehe, good thing that the price is not too expensive.

after eating, me, niki and aura toured the resort, while arman and jasper are waiting for kuya walter... while strolling, we again took some pictures!... :)

it was around lunch time when kuya walter arrived, we waitied for him to finish eating first becaue going to the pool and try the other fun stuff in the resort.

here are some of our photo's while waiting for our turn in the boat ride
and while in the boat also.

after the boat ride, we went to the wave pool, were they have an improvised wave.... it was so fun, everyone was enjoying the big waves eventhough it was just improvised.... :)

it was a super tiring but fun day for us! :)

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