Tuesday, August 30, 2011

not looking forward to aug 31.... :(

today is august 30, a day before august 31, i am not so looking forward for this day to come, for the reason that i will have no salary pay-out!..... i will receive my salary on Sept 15 together with my next pay. I can't blame anyone except for myself because it is my fault, i forgot to submit my time sheet, but i can't help to feel bad and disappointed towards my IS because she is the one approving our time sheet, i know she is very busy and harassed due to the high volume of people that they are attending to in Podium, but she used to remind us before about our time sheet esp if we have not yet submitted it to her for approval. but for this time sheet submission, i did not receive a text message from her informing me that i have not yet submitted, so all this time i thought that i have submitted already, and because i have also received an email notification that my overtime request was approved. so you could just imagine how shock i was when i received an email from HR telling me that i will not received any salary, even my basic salary...... :(

i am scared because i don't know how i will survive on the next 15 days,..... my mother and grandmother will go ballistic, when they find out about this, especially my grandmother, she will get angry when she finds out that i will not be able to give her my share in the family.....

i kept telling my friends that it's okay, i will be fine, but deep inside, i don't know what i will do!....

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