Monday, March 26, 2012

1 year in PD

tomorrow will be our 1st year anniversary as PD Opening Team, parang kelan lang di pa kami magkakakilala now super friends na kaming lahat! ayaw na nga namin bumalik sa mother store namin...... the 2-3 months na sinabi sa amin before, turned into 12 months and counting :) hehehehehehe

from central luzon to south luzon then now north luzon, lahat napuntahan ko na! hehehehe... although nakakamiss lang kasi unlike on our very first PD Store, magkakasama kaming mga opening team, ngayon hiwahiwalay na kami, minsan 3 lang kami na opening team in a PD Store, or minsan naman ibang globe employee ang nakakasama namin,... mahirap na masarap, dahil every 2-3 months nag-aadjust ka, not just with the PD Staffs but with the PD Owner as well, minsan, me mga PD Owners na mahirap kausap at magulo, di makapag-decide, pero meron pa rin naman mga PD Owners na ok and full support. :)

what i love about being part of the opening team, is aside from the opportunity to go and travel the philippines for free, the different people that i meet and eventually turned to be good friends of mine. :)

im currently on my 5th PD Store, and so far so good! :)

looking forward to many more PD Stores to open :)

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