Friday, June 14, 2013

Globe Podium

when i was hired at globe last June 2006, i was an office girl :-) I'm working from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday, my schedule was not that demanding and was easy to manage, i was able to do my other extra curricular activities :-).

however, my career, made a big change by 2009, i was transferred to the business center at the podium mall. i remember the date, it was March 1, 2009. the staffs on duty were, Jona, Joseph and ate Janet :) the 1st 6 months was a struggle to me, i was adjusting and at the same time, our manager was cruel to the highest level. i will never forget her, because she was so mean and bad to all of us. 

but things changed, by January 2010, we had a new manager, and she was one of the best person i've met in globe, she listened to us, support and help us in our pending transactions. come 2011, i was given an opportunity to be part of a project of globe, this required me to travel and be a trainer, it was a nice experience, not only because, i was able to travel the Philippines for free, but because i met a lot of wonderful people that eventually became my true friends.

it was the best years of my life in globe, sadly not all good things last, by January of this year i came back to globe podium. 

felt like an newbie, because most of the staffs are new, then by April a new opportunity came and knock on my door, a new globe store is going to open, come May 2013 and it is located near our house. i immediately submitted my letter of intent to transfer and luckily i was chosen.

may 10 was my last day at globe podium, it was a bitter sweet goodbye. but i believe that we will still see each other and work with each other. 

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