Saturday, April 11, 2009

DUO - Mobile and Landline in One

DUO allows you Unlimited Calling to and from any landline number as well as Unlimited Calling to and from any DUO postpaid mobile subscriber!

With DUO's Unlimited Calling, you can:
  • Gossip with friends about the hottest events!
  • Call far-away family and friends without worrying about the length of the call!
  • Collaborate with business partners to efficiently coordinate a project!
  • Chat with your special someone for as long as you want!
Hurry, subscribe now by going to the nearest Globe Business Center or register by sending DUOINFO to 8888! Promo period is from April 5 - July 3, 2009 only!

How it Works

  1. Subscription to DUO Service is P399.00/30days on top of a Globe Plan.
  2. Once you are subscribed to Duo, you will be given your Duo Landline number. Now, your mobile phone and SIM will have two (2) numbers: your current mobile number (i.e. 0917-XXX-XXXX) and your Duo Landline number (i.e. 02-XXX-XXXX).
  3. Upon activation, the following calls are rendered free of charge: DUO to any Landline calls, any Landline to DUO calls, and DUO to DUO calls. Calls made to other mobile numbers are charged regular mobile rates.
  4. Everytime you call, no need for a keyword or special prefix:
    1. To call any landline just dial the area code and the landline number
    2. To call another DUO number just dial the area code and the DUO number of the person you are calling
    3. For any landline to call you, a person will just dial your DUO landline number
  5. Service is initially available in NCR and Cebu only. All other calls outside the area code (02 for NCR or 32 for Cebu) will be charged regular mobile NDD rates.

How to Avail

  1. Promo is open to all Globe Postpaid subscribers.
  2. Subscriber can avail of the service through the Business Centers or Register via SMS (with required SMS acceptance of Terms and Conditions). Simply text DUOINFO to 8888.
  3. There will be an initial 90-day holding period for new activations, subject to pre-termination fee of P1,200.00.
  4. You can only avail of one (1) active DUO landline number for every active Globe line, at any one time.
  5. After the holding period, subscription is auto-renewed on a monthly basis unless otherwise requested by the subscriber.
  6. In cases of fraud, Globe reserves the right to discontinue the DUO service, and any of the subscriptions. DUO is not available for International Service Resale.
  7. Duo is currently not available for prepaid or corporate accounts.
This promo is open to Postpaid subscribers only! Subscribe to a Postpaid Account now!

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