Sunday, March 29, 2009


it's been while since my last entry here at my blog, i was kinda busy at work, that's why i had no time to update my blog.

anyways, today was a busy day for me, not in work though, in my extra curricular activities..... hehehehe.

i woke up at 6AM because i am the Lector at the 7:30AM mass, then after the mass, i slept for about an hour and fixed myself because we have another activity, today was the Acies.

if you are a legionary or a member of the legion of mary, you know what Acies mean, but for those who do not know it, Acies is the annual gathering of the legionaries and then they will renew their vows to our blessed mother mary.

in my 7 years as a member of legion of mary this is just my 2nd time to attend in Acies. =) and im glad that i was able to attend and renew my vows.

i went to our parish at around 11:30AM to meet with jasper, because we agreed to meet at the church then go to the venue, we left around quarter to 12, when we got to St.Peter the Fisherman Parish, the activity just started, it began with a prayer followed with a rosary then a short procession, after that there was a short inspirational talk from one of the invited priest, then all the legionaries lined in two's to make their pledge/vow infront of the alter. the last part was the holy mass.

it was a very hot afternoon, a little kid even fainted during the mass, good thing some of the legionaries that was there were in the medical profession =).

after the mass, fr.rey the parish priest invited all of us for a snack that his parishioners prepared. then after our snack we went directly to pateros for our senior meeting. =)

it was a long day today, but still it is a good and memorable day!

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