Tuesday, March 3, 2009

1st day

Today is my 1st day at Poduim Hub, i was quite nervous and excited on my my way to work, i arrived early as i was told to, our centerhead, Hope said that i should be there at 10AM, but i arrived earlier, when i got there, the Business Center was still close, but there are people inside already, the janitress and the guard was there. When it was 10, one of the staff arrive, she was the Morning Custodian, she was Jona, then the other staffs arrived as well. it was a not so stressful day for me considering it was my 1st day at the center, maybe because our centerhead was on leave, due to pregnancy concern, our 1st sub/customer for the day was Viva Hotbabe, Andrea del Rosario, i was quite shock to learn that she is pretty in person..... hehehehehe, everytime i see her on tv, she really looks like a sexy star.....

we had our lunch past 2pm already, our break was suppose to be 1 hour and 30 minutes, but i extended, i came back 5 minutes befor 4pm.... hehehehehe

i was able to open also my Outlook Email, gosh.... i have 31 unread mails..... hehehehehe

oh well, looking forward to another day tomorrow at the Center.

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