Saturday, March 14, 2009

Load Tipid Plans

Control your bill sa Bagong Load Tipid Plans

Set your plan limit. 'Pag umabot ka sa limit, just reload like prepaid para kontrolado ang gastos mo.

  1. Choose the Globe Load Tipid Plan for you and get a free handset:
    • Load Tipid Plan 500 (with 85 free text every month). Available for 12 or 24 months subscription.
    • Load Tipid Plan 800 (with 170 free text every month)
    • Load Tipid Plan 1500 (with 375 free text every month)

  2. Submit proof of ID, proof of billing and proof of income (amount of which should be commensurate to the value applied for) to Globe Telecom Business Centers nationwide. Applicants must submit the above documents in order to qualify for the offer.
  3. Load Tipid Plan line only application (without the free handset) is also available. Only valid and unexpired proof of identification and proof of billing address are required.
  4. Select when your Load Tipid Plan will receive it's load: every 3rd, 8th, 18th, or 24th of the month.
  5. Once the monthly plan limit is reached, you can continue calling or texting by buying load from any Globe Prepaid loading stations (Globe Load, Share-A-Load, or Prepaid cards). Unused load will be carried over into the next month.
  6. Subscribers should maintain the subscription for at least 12 or 24 months, otherwise, the subscriber will be charged with a penalty of P10,000 or Handset Base Price, whichever is higher.
  7. One-month advance payment is required and will be off-set with the first month's bill.
  8. Load Tipid Plan upgrades or changes to the loading schedule may be requested by visiting the nearest Globe Business Center. Credit requirements apply.
  9. Existing Globe Prepaid subscribers can enroll their SIM to the Load Tipid Plans and retain their Globe Prepaid number. Load Allowance Plan dependents can likewise convert their Load Allowance Plan to a Load Tipid Plan and retain their existing number.

Hurry, promo until May 31, 2009 only.

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