Tuesday, September 30, 2008

nabasa ko lang

i read this article about a month ago, and i would just like to share with you

once upon a time i read that you'll be happier with the man whom loves you more than with the man you love... a couple of months later, i can't say if that's true.i tried to be happy with the one who loves me and up till now, i'm still waiting for him to be the man i will love and it gets tiring... i find myself always disappointed with him.so am i happy? i'm not... admittedly it's my own fault, because i can't accept him for who he is. i guess that's the one big flaw with choosing the man who loves you more, rather than looking for the man you'll love. you'll never be satisfied with the former.and now, i find myself torn... should i stay with him, and push him to be the man i want or should i just accept him for who he is? or should i leave him, and pursue the man i love?

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