Tuesday, February 24, 2009

100 Things you should do in your life

1. kiss a movie star

2. swim with a dolphin

3. take the next taxi to the airport and catch the next plane to anywhere

4. run a marathon

5. love your body

6. travel from coast to coast across Philippines

7. own a tailored made dress

8. plant a tree

9. do something you fear

10. do a stand-up routine at a comedy club

11. bungee jump

12. eat something you've caught

13. skydive

14. run with the bulls in Pamplona

15. learn to tango

16. make fire without matches

17. teach someone to read

18. watch a lunar eclipse

19. have your portrait painted

20. win a premiership

21. brew your own beer

22. go to the opening night of the ballet

23. buy cowboy boots in Nashville

24. be extra in a film

25. becaome the next internet phenomenon

26. walk the red carpet at an awards night

27. grow a mustache

28. be able to take compliments

29. shower under a waterfall

30. fall inlove in Paris

31. break up in Rome

32. sit for a day in the gallery at Parliament House

33. go to the film festival in Cannes

34. spend a night in a haunted house

35. write a song

36. read a book in one sitting

37. go to the World Cup final

38. visit Gallipoli

39. have a white Christmas in Lappland

40. grow your hair long

41. hug a stranger everyday for a week

42. go white-water rafting

43. dance in MRT Guadalupe Station

44. score a hole in one

45. talk to a stranger on the bus

46. ride a motorbike on the open road

47. learn to juggle

48. collect something pointless

49. own a convertible

50. lay air guitar on the steps of National Post Office

51. learn to fly a helicopter

52. yodel on a Swiss mountain

53. drive the Monaco GP circuit on a Vespa

54. see all of Billy Wilder's films

55. create a cult website and sell it for millions

56. join a dig for dinousaur bones

57. see the Wallabies play England at Twickenham

58. ride the biggest roller-coaster in the world

59. see a killer whalein the wild

60. coach a kid's sports team

61. memorise a poem

62. become someone's nemesis

63. shoot a short film

64. start your own business

65. visit Stonehenge and recreate the Stonehenge scene from Spinal Tap

66. buy a share in a racehorse

67. walk the Kokoda Track

68. get a tatto

69. learn CPR

70. it courtside at a Laker's game

71. play lead guitar in a band

72. meet someone with your own name

73. shape your own surf board

74. gallop a horseon a deserted beach

75. play petanque in Marseille

76. work in a soup kitchen on Christmas Day

77. have a star named after you

78. drive along route 66

79. experience weigthlessness

80. live overseas

81. run up the rocky steps at the Philapdelphia Museum of Art

82. watch Bora Juniors play River Plate at La Bonbonera

83. drink tequilla in Mexico

84. create a world record

85. invent the next must-have Christmas Toy

86. be a contestant on a game show

87. learn the piano accordion but vow never to play it

88. go on a safari

89. become your team's mascot

90. enter the Archibald Prize

91. pay it forward

92. milk a cow

93. become a carbon neutral

94. get your dream job

95. fly in a hot air balloon acroos the desert

96. own an original work of art

97. shout the bar

98. dive with sharks

99. grow your own vegetables

100. design your own cocktail

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