Friday, February 13, 2009

happy hearts day

in a just a couple of hours, we are going to celebrate valentine's day.... bigayan na naman ng mga roses, cards, chocolates, bears.... etc... last year i received a bouque of roses, a cake and a small teddy bear with a heart, this year i don't know if i'll ever receive a gift...

why do we celebrate valentine's day ba?! para ba masabing meron akong girlfriend/boyfriend, uy ang sweet naman nung guy!... etc....
dapat meron ding lonely hearts day! :) para fair dun sa mga walang ka-valentine's diba! hehehehehe....

but seriously, spending valentine's together with your significant other is sweet and nakakakilig, and a wonderful experience, this special day happens only once a year, lahat sweet and thoughtful,.... yun nga lang after valentine's day back to our old selves na tayo.... hehehehe
kaya dapat we should not focus on the material things that we could give our honey, baby, sweetheart, darling, babe... whatever is your tawagan, what's important is yung relationship ninyong dalawa, how you show your love to your partner. those stuffs added bonus na lang yun, ang mahalag how you both love each other!.

for me everyday is valentine's day! mapa-rainy or sunny season, im always in love with LOVE!

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