Monday, February 9, 2009


1. flashing your smile to someone u don’t want to see.
2. bringing back the feeling u’ve learned to forget.
3. showing that u care.
4. finding a way to mend a broken heart.
5. learning that u’ve been used by someone u truly love.
6. saying "i love you" when you mean it and when you don’t.
7. letting go of a person u’ve just learned to love.
8. realizing that u love somebody u’ve just taken for
9. realizing that u love the person u’ve just broken up with
10. waiting for promises you know she or he’ll never keep.
11. saying ur love for someone who loves somebody else.
12. reminiscing the good times u shared together.
13. shielding ur heart to love somebody.
14. trying to hide what u really feel.
15. having a commitment w/ someone that u k now would not
16. trying to hide the tears that involuntarily fall from
ur eyes.
17. sharing the one u love w/ someone else.
18. loving a person too much.
19. giving up someone u never thought of giving up.
20. falling in love for the first time
21. loving someone you haven’t seen
22. having the right love at the wrong time.
23. exerting effort to make the relationship last or work.
24. not being appreciated when u know u’ve given ur best.
25. taking the risk to fall in love again.
26. hiding ur relationship from someone else.
27. controlling ur feelings to avoid hurting a friend
28. choosing between 2 persons whom u really love.
29. finding out that u can never have the person u just let
go of back
30. seeing the person u love with someone else
31. Learning that the person who claimed to have loved you
so much never really cared
32. seeing the one you love fall for someone else
33. falling for your best friend an d knowing that things can
never be the same again
34. learning to trust after you have been burned
35. accepting that it was not meant to be
36. smiling when all you want to do is cry
37. falling and knowing that it can never be
38. not being able to love the person who truly cares for
39. saying that you can never love a person the way he loves
40. hearing that he can never love you the way that you love
41. saying that you are over someone you still love
42. being friends again and learning to let go of each other
coz you both know it is better that way
43. convincing oneself that you are not in love when you
know that you are
44. having to let go becuse you know that he deserves
someone else
45. trying not to remember how perfect everything used to be

Loving involves two phases. The first intuitive one is loving the person because of who he/she is. The second nobler one is loving the person despite of wh o he/she is not. The first one sparks love. The second one makes it last.

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