Friday, February 13, 2009

Side A

I saw this post in the internet about one of my favorite band here in manila, The Side A, and i would like to share it with you my fellow bloggers.... :)

In the 90s, everyone wanted to fall in love with Side A’s music playing in the background. Who can forget how “Forevermore” served as the soundtrack to countless marital unions, or how “Until Then” mirrored just how legions of lovelorn folks felt? Side A was the voice through which Pinoy romantics could hear themselves, their melodies the sweet salve to their own strongly-held sentiments.

During Side A’s heyday in the mid-90s, the band received a number of music awards, among them “Song of the Year” at the 1995 Awit Awards for “Forevermore” and Best Ballad Recording and Best Performance by a Group at the 1993 Awit Awards for “So Many Questions”. Side A has sold over a million albums in total, their records reaching the platinum mark many times over.

Timeless hits like “Will I Ever”, “Hold On”, “All I Need”, “So Many Questions”, and “Tell Me” bear those passionate lyrics and gently cresting melodies that have become the trademark of the band, making them one of the most loved groups in OPM.

No wonder Side A was greatly missed when they took a long hiatus from the recording studio. They’ve kept up appearances in bars here and abroad, consistently putting on great shows, but fans have missed the pleading romanticism that a new original Side A tune invariably awakens in its listeners.

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