Thursday, September 8, 2011

3rd PD Store

this morning i received a call from sir.mario, he called to inform me about my next PD Store assignment, and i was quite surprised to find out that my next store location was at Santiago, Isabela, i was hoping it was in Laog... hehehe, so i could go to Pagudpod :)

for the next PD Store, i will be alone, alone meaning i have no other PD Opening Team with me, except 2 other Globe employee.

I'm excited at the same time scared because i think they are expecting a lot from me, especially because this is my 3rd PD Store, but I'm still excited because at last, BB and i will be separated, i really wanted to be separated from him, because i felt that in terms of work, he is lax and does not have the initiative, although i myself is guilty also, but i felt that i was the one who is doing already his work.

my impression on him really changed, i thought that he was a responsible co-worker, but i was wrong, he is immature for his age, does not know how to separate his personal feelings with his work, does not the policy and procedure in the operations.... etc....

i could rant all day my annoyance on him, but i cannot do anything about it anymore because it has been done already.

hopefully in my 3rd PD store, i would not have the same problem and stress.

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