Saturday, September 3, 2011

new RM

this afternoon, i got an email from one of the manager in our office, and i was suprise to see on her signature the name of our store, well it's confirmed, she is our new RM. i immediately called my former RM and yes she said that she was transfered already to a different store....

i felt like crying while i was talking to her, but i controlled my emotions. instead, i recalled all the funny experiences i had with her, i told her that im sad because we were not able to say goodbye with each other because right now im assigned in a special project, happy because she deserve to be there, she is very hard working and good in her job and jealous, because of the office hours, she will not be arguing anymore with the mall guards, because now she is in the head office. our conversation lasted for about 30 minutes, when we ended up talking, i sent her an email, thanking her for all the help, knowledge and opportunities that she gave me.

hayyy i will surely miss Ma'am Mavic :(

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