Saturday, September 10, 2011


i super love to tweet! and one of my favorite trending topic is #sentisabado, because it reminds me of my childhood memories, #sentisabado talks about past experiences, from fave food, to clothes, fave past time, tv shows, fave game to play etc...... anything under the sun :-)

#sentisabado puts a smile on my face everytime, i can read a tweet from someone, it makes me want to say, "haayyyy! me too, i did that" " i have one of those".... etc....

#sentisabado brings back the child in me :) it makes me want to go back again to being a kid, where life is much simplier, where you don't worry too much, you're just thinking of your baon, assignments, projects, crushes, playmates... etc....

hayyyyy i wish everyday is #sentisabado day..... hehehehe

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