Monday, January 12, 2009

does he really love you

He may not have said those magical three words yet…or maybe he already has. Whether you’re on the brink of coupledom or already planning a walk to remember, you always wonder: behind the sweet smile and good looks, is he the real deal? I show you both sides of the equation.

the little things

Is the devil in the details…or is he just the devil?

the real deal:
It’s easy to remember the big, in-your-face stuff, like the date of your anniversary or your undying love for Tito, Vic, and Joey, but it’s the little things where he really shines. Knowing how you like your coffee, asking about your day, remembering your little brother’s birthday, hunting down a rare book you’ve been on the lookout for…the list can go on. Big events deserve their proper attention—but it’s going to be the little details that will define your life together.

the fake-out:
Here are some painful words for you to hear the next time your guy forgets about your movie date: he’s taking you for granted. But let’s be kind. Let’s say that he suffers from mild amnesia, and give him another chance. But the next time he texts to say he’s running late, maybe it’s time you stop taking his excuses lying down. The only thing he ought to apologize for is his sorry excuse for true love

sweet surprise

Can he keep things fresh…or does your love smell like rotten cheese?

the real deal:
The ability to surprise is the secret to long-lasting relationships. This is not just about gifts—this is about the secret and surprising ways he has to keep your heart a-melting. Lovely “awww” moments, secret kisses, unexpected treats or a sweet handwritten letter tucked under the wiper of your car show that he’s serious enough to make a real effort at showing his love for you.

the fake-out:
Thinking of ways to surprise you is a sign that your guy is willing to sacrifice time, effort, and quite a few brain cells. A relationship that falls into routine is a warning sign; make up a surprise of your own to remind him of the way things were…and are supposed to be. If you two are just starting out, surprises may be the norm, but the only way to know if he’s a keeper is if he keeps it up.

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