Thursday, January 1, 2009

sad new year :(

im feeling confused right now, i should be excited for later but im not :(

ang hirap pala to be in this situation, im not angry and bitter, pro i dont know why i feel this way. sana meron akong powers na pabilisin ang oras para tapos na ang araw!.

kanina when i watched tv, yung prayer ni Coney Reyes mejo tumama sa akin, her prayer was asking for the enlightenment from jesus sa situation na mahirap and di mo maintindihan why you should be put in that kind of situation.

i always say to myself that everything happens for a reason, merong purpose si god why he let us be in that kind of situation or exeprience that kind of problem, pro ito kaya, ano kaya ang purpose?! why do we have to be in that kind of position? why oh why?!!!!!

mix emotions ako ngayon, scared, sad, confused, insecure, lahat na ata nararamdaman ko ngayon! hehehehehe. i was kinda looking forward to this day pa naman. but now i dont know na

im i being selfish for feeling this way?

mix feeling, i want to na i dont want to! ;(

half of me wants to go but the other half naman doesn't.

my instinct says don't go and most of the time it's correct.

why do things need to be complicated.

i wish that when i wake up this morning, friday na, i can just skip the day today?

please show me a sign! a sign that everything is just going to be okey, nothing to worry about.


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