Friday, January 23, 2009

goodbye ERM, hello S&D

Effective march 1, 2009 i will be no longer a part of Finance and Administration Group, Enterprise Risk Management Service Division, i will now be under Sales and Distribution Group. Our division head decided to resign from her position to focus more on her family especially her kids, because lately her 2 daughters were always sick, and she said that she is feeling guilty because everytime her kids would be sick she is not their for them. She said that she would like to take care of her kids for a while until they are well and healthy.

There is no specific unit as to where i am going to be place, but it is confirmed, i will be part of S&D group under Sir Bernie Llamzon. The other group here in our division will be also transferred to other departments, like the UFRM team, they will be under CIPM, Insurance team will be with Treasury and LAS, while BRAD will be with OSM and EBA.

Mixed emotions ako right now, I'm feeling sad, scared/nervous, confuse and excited...

sad because we all will part ways with each other, it's been almost 2 1/2 years that we are together, we are like family here at ERM, we have our ups and downs, there are also tampuhan and heated discussions but all those are at a professional level and we don't take it personally, at the end of the day, friends pa rin kami,....

scared because the group that i will be going to is very different from ERM, i don't know if i could live up to their expectation. i don't know what will happen, what to expect from S&D. I'm not sure if this is a good move or a bad move!?

confuse co'z for a couple of months I've been thinking of transferring to another field of work, is this a sign?!

and I'm quite excited for the new work environment that i will be in? ano kaya ang mangyayari when i move to S&D....,

last night, when Ms.Jen and i spoke, she asked me if i wanted to be assigned at the Business Centers, there i have direct inter action with our subscriber's i get the chance to assist them in their queries and help them with their other concerns, but life in bc's is tough, you should always be up to date of the latest trend in the telecommunication industry, you should know what's in and not, the hottest phones, and new promos etc.....

oh my, I'll just have to wait and see, i believe that everything happens for a reason.

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