Monday, October 6, 2008

8 months and counting!

it's our 8th month as a couple, and so far so good naman, mostly of our fights are petty and mababaw, so far wala pa naman kaming super major away! not that i want for us to have one, siempre ayaw ko noh! habang tumatagal yung relationship namin, i am learning a lot of things about him, nung bago palang kaming mag-bf/gf, feeling ko hindi sia sweet, thoughtful, caring, etc. but as i get to know him, nalaman ko na his sweet in his own way, na iba iba lang talaga ang mga guys in expressing their feelings towards someone.

i can say na jasper is someone who si very special to me now, he makes me laugh, smile and cry (sometimes!) and i am looking forward to spending more monthsaries and anniversaries together.

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