Thursday, October 2, 2008


someone who accepts me for who I am and what I want to become… someone who deeply understands my feelings… someone who would be proud of me regardless of my gender… someone who would understand my perspectives about life… someone whom i could share my ideas with… someone whom i could trust… someone who would respect my decisions… someone who would tell me that things would be A-okay when something is getting out of control… someone who is positive even if things are wrong… someone whom I can talk with whenever I want to… someone who could help me find myself when i'm in my casual state of confusion… someone who would be willing to accept the consequences of their actions… someone who would love me just the way I am… someone who would love all my imperfections… someone who would not take advantage of my silence and kindness… someone who would show me the real meaning of love… someone who would be my bestfriend and would never break my heart… someone would stay with me through good and bad times… someone who could me make me smile with his simple deeds… someone who would take my hand and never let me go.. someone who would let me experience the word "forever" even if the word does not exist…

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