Thursday, October 9, 2008

my birthday

yesterday, oct 8 was my bday!. i spent the whole day with jasper, we went first to the Baclaran Church to pray the novena and hear mass but unfortunately we arrived at 12noon so their is no more novena and mass, we just prayed and light some candles. then we went to MOA to have lunch and stroll around , we took some pictures, kasi it's my first time to go to MOA na umaga pa, usually kasi i go MOA in the evening and very seldom lang kasi it's quite far from our place. :)
naka-uwi kami around 6pm na because the bus na nasakyan namin ay naghihintay pa ng mga pasahero, so we waited inside the bus for almost 30minutes.... tsk!tsk! buti na lang it's not traffic. when i got home, i prepared pa the plates and spagehtti para kila niki, i invited them over, ayun nag-videoke kami and super kwentuhan hehehehehehe.they left around 10pm kasi me mga work pa tomorrow kaya di pwede mag-stay ng late and i am quite tired also.

before sleeping, i reflected on what happened to me last year, ano ba yung mga postive and negative things na nangyari, and i found out na balance naman, many wonderful things happened to me last year and unfortunately meron pa ring sumabit.... hehehehe i just wish that this year would be a better year for me. i hope my dreams and wishes would one by one come true!

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