Friday, October 3, 2008


This morning as I was dressing up for work, I thought of wearing my pink blouse, wala lang gusto ko lang. as I ride the jeep the girl inside is wearing pink also with a different shade nga lang, I thought to myself, “okey lang mag-kaiba naman kami ng shade” then another passenger rode the jeep, this time a male passenger, and he is also wearing pink! Then another, and another, and another. Now we are 8 passengers wearing pink shirt! Tsk!tsk! then as I get of the jeep in Guadalupe, there are also other people wearing the color pink! OMG! What’s with the color pink today? Color of the day ba ito ngayon and a lot of people are wearing that color?! Is there a law that today, October 3, 2008 you should be wearing pink?.... meron bang ginawang law si Bayani Fernando na Friday is Pink shirt day?! Oh well, at least kahit we are all wearing pink, di naman kami magkaparehas ng shirt! Hehehehehe……

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